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We have a large variety for everyone. Used and antique furniture, retired Boyds Bears, candles, country items, handmade items and decor, etc. Lots to choose from.


Wooden Wall Decor

A sign for everyone. If I don't have what you are looking for, i will make it. $2.99 and up
November 15 2011

Kitchen Scrubbies

These scrubbies can be used on teflon pans, glasstop stoves, and even shower doors. They will not scratch and lasts for a year when you wash then once a week!
November 15 2011

Hanging Kitchen Towels

These towels are handy in the kitchen! everyday and holiday towels available. $2.99 and up
November 15 2011

Small Furniture Items

I have small handmade and antique stands here. Refinished and stained. Always something new here to check out! $9.99 and up
November 15 2011

Retired Boyds Bears

Wide variety of Boyds Bears, bunnies, cats, dogs, and other animals. Always 10% off and lots to choose from. Iof you are a collector, then I may just have the bear here that you are looking for. $1.99 and up
November 15 2011