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Located: North Building


Steve's Pizza & Cheese Steaks is a full service food stand, specializing in Philly-style cheese steaks and pizza. Also serving breakfast sandwiches, platters, and omelettes throughout the day. Steve has counter seating and take-out available.


Hand-tossed Pizza

16" pizzas available whole or by the slice, various toppings to choose from.
November 15 2011

Philly-style cheesesteaks

Pictures don't do this sandwich justice! This sandwich is available several different ways with various toppings to choose from. We bring our rolls and our meat out of South Philadelphia weekly. Until you've had a cheesesteak from Steve's, you haven't had an authentic Philly cheesesteak. Our ribeye steak meat melts in your mouth! You must try one!
November 15 2011


Our breakfast sandwiches, platters, and omelettes are cooked to order. We use Martin's potato bread and wheat bread, Kunzler meats and local fresh extra-large eggs. Served all day.
November 15 2011

Fountain Pepsi Products

Ice cold fountain soda, available in 3 different sizes.
November 15 2011

Breakfast Pizza

Breakfast pizza is only available during the morning. Whole or by the slice.
November 15 2011