Home History

overviewMorningstar started as a business dream in 1989. It took several years of development and traveling to numerous Farmer’s Markets, Flea Markets and Antique Shops all over the east coast. Our goal was to build a large destination market that would draw customers from several states. Then in 1997 the design was completed and the decision was made to move forward with financing and build the facility. All approvals and funding was achieved in 1998. The actual construction started December of 1998. The Grand Opening was August 7th 1999. Initially we were only open on Saturday but within one month started a Flea market on Sunday. Therefore originally the Farm market was open on Saturday and the Flea market was open on Sunday. We quickly realized that they needed to be open the same day. The spring of 2000 we merged both market together and both were open Saturday and Sunday.

The business grew faster than we had anticipated and in 2002 we had a expanded business plan. The flea market and customer parking was expanded with over 400 new parking spaces. The original open courtyard between the buildings was enclosed and all three buildings were connected together. These additions enabled the business to expand to approximately 15,000 to 20,000 customers every weekend.

With expenses rising and the economy at the lowest level I remember in my life we realized we had to make some changes in 2010. We decided to try to reduce costs by developing a small solar field to offset our electric expenses. But shortly after starting this process we decided to build a larger solar array and turn it into a business as well. In March 2011 our 631KW solar array started construction with a time schedule to be completed by June 1, 2011. Morningstar Solar LLC will supply the power for the market and about 50-60 homes in the immediate area.