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Farmer’s Market – Antique Gallery – Flea Market

Hours of Operation: Saturday & Sunday 8 am to 4 pm

Farm Market Vendor – signs a one (1) year lease with the market. Must carry a General Liability Policy with a $1,000,000 minimum with market named Additional Insured/Certificate Holder. Pay $10 additional per space in months that snow removal is necessary. Pay $10 a month to the Advertisement Fund. Security deposit, same as one months rent, required at signing of lease.

Location Size Monthly Rent
Space 8’ X 8’ $120.00

Antique Gallery – signs a month-to-month lease with the market and security deposit, same as one months rent, required at signing. No liability insurance required but recommended. Pay $10 a month ($5 if only 1 showcase) to the Advertisement Fund. Must work once a month in the Gallery for spaces, once every other month if you have only one showcase. Snow removal fee is $10 per space in months that snow removal is necessary.

Location Size Monthly Rent
Floor Space 8’ X 9’ $90.00
Floor Space 8’ X 10’ $95.00
Floor Space 8.5’ X 10’ $95.00
Showcase 6’H X 4’W X 2’D $60.00

Flea Market is both daily & monthly: Spaces can be reserved for one month at a time if paid for in advance at the beginning of each month. Spaces can be reserved on a daily basis if paid in advance the previous week Vendors can show-up either day and rent a space, bring your own tables. Spaces must be rented for both Saturday and Sunday for an entire month if you wish to place a shed in your stand. All sheds have electricity. No food or drink vendors allowed outside and you must be approved to sell produce and bedded plants. WINTER RATES (January 1st thru March 31st) are reduced to $10.00 per day. Monthly shed vendors only pay lot rent when they setup and sheds are reduced to $45.00 per month for one space.

Location Size Monthly Rent Daily Rent
Open Spaces on the Hill 10’ X 30’ $120.00 $17.00
Open Spaces @ Building 10’ X 34’ $155.00 $22.00